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Our Mission

OAS’s mission is to build, inspire, and fortify athletic careers. Through the OAS platform, our clients gain access to valuable industry relationships, allowing each player to further progress as professionals and individuals. Additionally, we help each player utilize his/her voice to inspire change and further conversations for innovation.


For our non-amateur athletes, OAS prides itself on taking a proactive role during each step of the player’s progress. We understand the commitment and sacrifices each player makes to push his/her career to the next level, and we are confident that OAS has the resources, knowledge, and connections to ensure our clients feel supported with our team in their corner.


Regarding all NCAA Athletes, OAS recognizes the changing landscape for collegiate athletes. Our team works with each player to capitalize on the broad array of new NIL opportunities, including but not limited to IP, Name & Likeness Statutes, Copyright, Trademark, etc.




“OAS was a huge part of my career, they helped me immensely on the field, by allowing me to focus on playing the game and not having to worry about anything off the field. A good friendly group, made life easy and my career path that much easier! Thanks for all the help!” (Hudson Valley Renegades, NYY)



"OAS was more than just an agency to me in my career. My first conversation with Kyle, and the crew, I this was going to be the perfect fit for where I was in my baseball journey. The Agency, as a whole, has a goal to invest in their athletes and to make sure they know they have someone reliable in their corner constantly supporting and fighting for them. I am proud to say that I am an OAS athlete!"



"The OAS team helped me navigate my professional career both on and off the field. It was easy to tell Parker and the OAS team always had my best interest as their top priority. Whether it was communicating with Front Offices, negotiating marketing/endorsement opportunities, or just helping me through personal situations, I knew OAS was always in my corner. Their tireless work ethic and commitment to clients is unparalleled. Whether you’re a high draft pick or undrafted like I was, OAS doesn’t treat you any differently or work any less for you. I now know the importance of finding the correct agency and I’m grateful that I chose OAS.” (Free Agent Signee - Cincinnati Reds)



"When OAS talks about them being a family, they mean it. I feel grateful and lucky to have joined this family, and to have their support through my career. Something I always personally try to do is surround myself with good people and I undoubtedly did that with OAS. They are a group of people that are there for you as a player as much as a person. OAS helped me find new opportunities to continue my professional career, and when faced I was with adversity, they helped me succeed through it." (10th Round Pick - Chicago White Sox)



"OAS reached out to me before I had any real success in professional baseball. It was after I signed with this family that things hit another level in my career. In professional sports, it’s important to have people you can trust in your corner. OAS has been the best baseball family I could've asked for. The relationship goes way beyond baseball.” {39th Round Pick - Pittsburgh Pirates}
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