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Our Mission

OAS’s mission is to help create, inspire, nurture, and fortify athletic careers. OAS provides a platform that enables our clients to utilize our relationships within the industry to further their progression as professionals and as human beings. Additionally, we help each individual utilize his/her voice and platform to inspire change and further conversations for innovation.


Applicable to all post-eligibility athletes, OAS walks hand in hand with its players as they progress their way up the ladder. An athlete’s primary focus in his/her career is competing at the highest level and with the help of OAS’s tenacious team, a player can feel confident that OAS in their corner.


Applicable to all NCAA Athletes, given the sudden change of landscape for all collegiate athletes, there are now new opportunities to take advantage of their skills and platform. OAS helps navigate these new regulations covering: IP, Name & Likeness Statutes, Copyright, Trademark, etc.




"When OAS talks about them being a family, they mean it. I feel grateful and lucky to have joined this family, and to have their support through everything. Something I always personally try to do is surround myself with good people and I undoubtedly did that with OAS. They are a group of people that are there for you as a player as much as a person, that go out of their way to try and find new opportunities for you, and that when faced with adversity work their hardest to take it head on and succeed through it."



"OAS reached out to me before I had any real success in professional baseball. It was after I signed with this family that things hit another level in my career. In professional sports, it’s big to have people like ...(OAS) in your corner. OAS has been the best baseball family I could've asked for. The relationship goes way beyond baseball” {Pittsburgh Pirates}
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